Monday, February 05, 2007

busy busy busy

it's bn a long time since i updte my blog. juz realise tat ever since last wk til nw i haf no time for tv oso missed the show i wana watch.currently my tw fren is here to act for xin yan ling for 8days since last sat so nw almost everyday 'report' to amk to c her.....xcept wed n sun of cos lar cos got ax mah. 24 mar haf one short perf on chou gu at pasir ris elisa cc.nd to train new student.

my parent comment tat they got 2wks+ din c me liao cos when i'm bk they slp when i wake up they r at wrk. hahaha hopefully when my fren go bk den i can stay at hm hehehe