Tuesday, December 26, 2006

melbourne (3)

these r our music teachers.

this is the scenery fr our 'yang tai' of the plc we stay which is box hill.

melbourne (2)

i noe it's kind of late to post the pic for my melbourne trip but the blogspot kp die on me. xj pai seh ley these r the 'only' on stage pic i haf but most r the xiao sheng wan so nt no new tou shi 4 u to c. i haf taken pic for the local newspaper clipping, will put up here.

Monday, November 06, 2006

melbourne trip -1

alo i'm bk!!!! phew at last i'm bk to sg i miss sg. the weather in melbourne is damnnn COLD!!! can u imagine it's suppose to b summer tere n the tempreture can get up to 4 dgree??? everynite i haf to wear socks, sweater long pants to slp.

well sum other tings to share wif u gals/guys as well on our dparture dte 27 oct 8.50 pm tink we r quite luckly sum hw or rather cos our plane SQ 227's engine is spoil n caught fire in changi aiport!!! cant blive it at all anyway we change to another jet n it cause 3hrs delay. we rea melbourne airport ard 10am local time which is our 7am (their timing is 3hrs faster den us). guess wat??? our 1st day in melb is really a disater. after geting all our barang barrang... upon getting out of the airpot it rains ICE!! kaoz it hurts but luckily nt those big.

after we check in to the service apartment the quest in box hills (our hm for 4days), we headed towards chinatown. we took the tram tere but we dunno hw to buy the ticks so we decided to 'anyhw' buy. after one or two stop we r being 'caught' by the tram officer asking us to get dn of the tram n buy new ticks. so everyone of us (tere r 20 of us btw) get dn n board the next one cos it's only a short journey n we dun haf change to buy ticks but in the end we were being caught by the same group of officers!!! damn embarass.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

7 oct pic (2)

juz realise my sheng look bery gal no suitable ;p

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Melbourne Trip

hmmm actually i wanted to upload the pics for my tou shi but tis toopid blogspot kp giving prob damn sianz. me starting to count dn to my melbourne trip le 8 more days to go!! yeah bery xcited cos i never took Sq n have nvr been to aust before!! we will b leaving on the 27 oct 2050hrs straight flight to melbourne est time to reach tere is ard 8am local time. heard tat the journey fr the airpot to the plc we r gng is ard 2hrs so the only time tat we can slp is on the plane n coaches.will be bk to sg on the 6 nov afternoon flight so ext time bck is ard nite time.

being kia su i already started to pack my stuff le. 1st come to my mind is my opera stuff of cos. will be wearing 4xiao dan's costume so haf pack all my 4sets of tou shi into one tupper ware liao, den follow by 2pairs of shoes(1 xiao dan n 1 xiao sheng of cos), 1make up case, my cai yi cai ku, my tou tao n my fan.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

7 oct show pic (1)

our yx n 49 cute?? they bery xpert within 1wk can memories the whole lz scripts pei fu pei fu

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Liang Zhu's Poster for 7Oct Show n Aust Phamlet

our LZ poster for the 7 Oct 06 show at Siglap South CC is out at last. the ticket is $10. the 1st 2 pics is the phamlet for our aust trip....

Saturday, August 19, 2006


juz recieved a call from one of troupe member giving me a shocking news!!!!! OMG we will b acting liang zhu again!!!! on the 7 oct 2006 at siglap south cc before our aust trip. stress stress stress!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rene's World Of Opera

I Love Taiwanese Opera

alo tis is my new blog. will b posting sum of my pic fr last sat perf.

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