Monday, October 29, 2007

Tai Wan Day3

was bery sick tat day but manage to walk ard the whole of XMT wif xj, yu hua and wan ni, afterwhich i was lying on my bed to rest. actually was planning to watch SCF's show but too sick to go in the end juz go dy to take bk our wig wif xj den bk to hotel waiting for yt to bring over my cst.

din go c show nvm got tw fren send me the clips



Tai Wan Day 2

tink tis is on our way to dan shui in the MTR on the 2nd day b4 we go for ylh's show at nite

tis hw it look likes on the outdoor show

me n 人形看板b4 the show

the show leaflets



秀娟,我,Suraiti and Nancy(forgot the name le any way heard ppl call her tat ;p)

me and xiujuan taking the book to 'show off' ;p
me and yang a yi, she's slimmer since i saw her in jun.

li ru jie!!!!! wo de zhui ai !!!! she's bery blubbly like wat she's in the show bery cute.

me n ya lan jie, wow she's taller den me....

our big gathering pic


我们回来了!!好高兴哦第一天晚上就看到杨阿姨,丽如姐和亚兰姐。还跟他们拍照好兴奋哦。一下是当地的报章的报道。 我们还在公演前看到叶青哦。。。。

為看楊麗花 新加坡巫族人也來台





【2007/10/26 Upaper】@

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Make Over Pics

find mx de make over pic quite familiar reason being i worn the same dress wif the same prop!!!! haha so qiao he tat we took the make over at the same bridal center. my best fren n i take it in dunno 1999 or 2ooo forgot liao ;p

tis is the cst same wif mx.

tis was my own outfit

my best fren n i

victoria style. does it looks like wedding gown?

actually i oso haf pic wif wedding gown nt bcos i'm married of cos . it's for a model ling shoot .

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ya Fen's new show Lian Zheng Gong Shu

attached r sum pics for yf's new show. it will b screen a few days b4 my trip to there too bad cant watch. heard tat it's a funny show abt bribery n tan nian. xiao mi n yu zhong will oso b acting.