Sunday, November 23, 2008


天啊.......团长请了中国老师来教身段......虽然辛苦但还是有东西学啦不过苦了我因为水袖那些高难度的动作我都要学. 甚至武戏的那些劈腿,下腰,腰子翻身,翻精逗,麒麟腿.....种种高难度的动作,我今天已经领教过了现在整身腰酸背痛!! 明天不懂爬的起吗还要上班.下了班还要过去.........


Friday, November 07, 2008


my fav pic!! tis pic was nt inside the cd tat lilian burn for me so i specially request her to develop for me n i use my digi cam to take it dn n po it here. yh n me oso got take tis pose b4 in another studio a few yrs bk.

hahahaha both of them haf nt even catch hold of the pic yet n i got the 1st hand pic in my blog ;p

lisi as LZ teacher.....hahahaha bery handsome hor lilian oso said say so she cant help prasing abt her..

nancy as liang mu......lilian did a great job i would say.....

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hi T @ Royal Hotel 05/11/2008

wed we went to Royal Hotel for Hi Tea to celebrate Bosses Day, ZK's bdae n KK's farewell (he's gng ORD in late Nov). of cos we pay la. the fd quite gd spread i would said after discount each pax is ard $25 nett. we had a great time tere occupied one round table.

took tis pic outside the restarant.

so coincidence tat got one lady bdae n the waitress n waiter sing a bdae song for her juz like wat the fish n co did. long time din go fish n co le nt sure do they still sing n dance for the customer or nt.
we wanted to do like wat the lady's fren do for her so they go check it out in the end the waiter said tat haf to pay in order to haf it so we haf a simple cake from the cake section n dsign by Rita.

tis is zk cutting the cake.......

our 全家福........

ur guys .......

our section.........

rita n ivan tis two looks like indian but they dun like at all!!! the speak mandrain!!! so dun play play when u c indian fren k u will b surprise tat they speak better mandrain then u!!!!