Monday, March 19, 2007

omg stress again!!!

pimple poking on my fore hd due to stress cos tis sat tere's a perf on the zhe zhi xi of my new show at pasir ris eliase cc for the opening of the ch art's festival. y stress ley?? cos me bn ask to b the mc to translate zj's speech to eng!! to maketings worst, ask me read acording to the script no prob but ask me to compose...... BIG PROB lor hopefully the cc will gif me the script lor abo i really can go bang wall liao.

n best of all the guest of honour of the event is my BIG BIG BIG Boss Minister of Defence!!!! sum might said y stress abt it he dunno u n u dunno him wat. ya true but still felt quite uneasy lor noeing the bug shot r tere. tis hw i feel when i was perf at melbourne lor but slightly better den tis time rd bcos the big shot tere i dunno recong them mah......

summore tere's alot of tings to look into lor.... like costume lar (nd to help new gals choose the costume), hair pics lar(dcide wat for them to use), hw new gals perf lar( cos tis sat is their 2nd day), drums lar (cos up til nw i've nt rehers once wif the drums at all ;( ). uptil nw i oso havent dcide wat costume to wear even sianz .

hopefully tis sat shun shun guo den i will b bery relive liao........

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

GCB Tw Opera (2)

sum "incidents" i encounter there.

1) u noe when go outside of the compound u tink a special 'card' in order to get in there again rite? the uncle who checked our tickets bery funny, he saw me walking in wif xj n mx they all, he suddenly ask if i'm oso fr kh (mx n xj are famous there) i smile at him said no i'm ax. half way tru the show i make my way to the toilet waitng for the uncle to gif me the card but he said u dun nd cos i reckon u liao. hahah true enough the next days i was tere, they juz let me in. there was one day i went late at 9.30pm+(din buy any ticks) but still they let me in hehehe so tat day i got to watch it for free.

2) one of the AX fans c me tere tell me this :"iya bx, dunno u got come abo i will prepare one ang bao for u." i was like -_-''' pls lor i was there for the past few days n she's telling me TAT!!! but still i juz smile telling her dun nd lar.

3) Ax fans one daughter saw me tere damn xcited, told her mother "MA, ni kan ZHU YING TAI you lai"!!! i was like -_-''' pls lor i got names lor but still ax fans always call me YT dunno is it my role of yt sheng ru ming xin or wat.

4) after the show got ppl come up to me call my name i was like stunned a moment cos i dunno her at all n dun find her familiar til she told me tat she got come ax b4.

5) guess wat??? i saw czx, csz n zys tere!!! haha guess i still bery xcited ba i xcuse myself to the toilet juz to catch a glimse at them. find them bery frenly kp smilling at me n ys bery skinny....

GCB Tw Opera (1)

haha tink i'm the most chi tun wan nw then blog abt it. tru out their 17days, tink i've reported tere for 8days. overall find the show ok lar more like a fashion show to me. the way they change costume like nobody business lor. tink lay jin and ling bixia(nt me hor, is the one acting gan ban ni didi in the shi xing ban yue) is the best among the rest. i'm impressed by the acting of bx, find her voice bery power reminds me of kuah geok ki in ylh's troupe. oso find the guy xiao sheng(the one acting ya fang's mother in wu xing san) nt bad.

for the sheng, i like ya fang, bixia n lin shu juan(the one keep acting emperor), i find her look bery pleasing hahah mayb i find her look's a bit like chen li qiao (czx's sis) tat's y i like her ba. nancy actually got intro me to her. find that she's frenly with the smile lor. n she n one of the dan oso ask me go look for her tere but still i dun really dare to step into the backstage cos nt bery comfortable n summore i duno them at all.

for the dan tink i only like lay jin ba, her acting makes me tink of ying ying. find her singing bery gd compare to the rest.


xj tis are the tou shi tat u always wana c. tat's the butterfly tat u always wana c. the orange is my latest collection oso made fr pl. currently still looking for pl to make sum chopsticks n a few sets of new tou shi for new show. tinking of making white again, but tink of it......i got 3sets liao so tink make other colours like light green n light pur ba....


tis is the person Wan Xi tat i busy wif for more den 1wk. tru out her 8days perf at amk, tink i reported abt 6days (minus of the days tat i nd to go ax.)was helpping her change cst n packing tru out her stay here. she's xpert in slashing price for the tings she bought. tat day i bought her to arab st n chinatown to buy cloth for her making of new costume 1yard of cloth is $35 and she can slash til $18 which makes me wonder dunno is it the owner mark up price or wat.

1aunty saw me tere with her ask me a few quests which makes me wonder y n angry at the same. she ask me "xiao mei mei, ni gao puay (jiao pei) ah xi huh". i find her rude n i dun like the word jiao pei al all lor but still i told her no, me n her r fren. she den ask me "tis time rd she came, he much u spent huh". i told her no i din spend anyting on her lor. later i told my mum tat i'm bery offended the way tat she put it lor. i din bfren wif WX wif a motive, she too wat y makes us looks as if we r one?? juz dunno understand these aunty, ppl bfens cant meh??