Sunday, February 22, 2009


got tis news fr my oversea fren so tot of posting it here. din noe tat both hxy n hxm change their name to 洪坤玉 and 洪坤美

歌仔戲演員洪坤美福建公演 突發心肌梗塞
台灣歌仔戲演員洪坤美近日在中國大陸福建省東山縣準備登台獻唱時,突然發生心肌梗塞,送醫急救後情況好轉,但仍在進一步治療觀察。中通社報導,這起事件發生在16日晚上8時30分,當時洪坤美和姐妹洪坤玉在東山島參加「海峽兩岸同胞文化交流聯歡晚會」,兩姐妹準備登台表演時,洪坤美突然臉色蒼白,呼吸困難,當場昏厥,洪坤玉急忙大聲呼救,場外醫護人員聞訊快速把洪坤美送到當地中醫院急救。已下班在家休息的東山縣中醫院心血管內科主任李東勇等10多名醫務人員聞訊趕到醫院,成立了專家搶救小組,經會診斷定洪坤美是心肌梗塞,醫院當即採取措施搶救,經過4小時洪坤美心電圖顯示狀況開始好轉,逐步改善。報導透露,洪坤美昨晚仍在醫院靜養,還需要打點滴,不過經過兩天兩夜全力救治,病情明顯好轉,正在進一步治療觀察中。 【2009/02/19 中央社】@

Monday, February 09, 2009

8 Feb 2009 @ Bradell Hts CC

哈哈哈yesterday was fun we took a lot of pics xpecially the candid ones......

me n jia mei mama a nice lady.....

me n lilian

hahaha seldom c so many funny faces @ one time rite..........

7 Feb 2009 @ Potong Pasir CC

after serangoon i rush over to potong pasir cc wif yuhua to help out.......

backstage choatic.........

Sunday, February 08, 2009

7 Feb 2009 @ Serangoon Ave 3

7 feb ax was split into two groups one to serangoon ave 3 and potong pasir. zj put me wif lisi n yuhua they all @ serangoon near to bradell hts cc tat mac n zj with the kids n aunties@ potong pasir.

jia mei mama come n fetch me @ 9+ in the morn to ax to take all the necessary stuff to potong pasir. i do my make-up tere b4 i mt lisi they all @ 4.

the mc of our event is yang guang, yang xing quan another lady i forgot the name but she was one of the mc for the early 80s variety show 繽紛83. we oso saw abigail the late macdonald granny daughter, she's a nice lady i would said bery frenly. we took sum pics wif her as well.

lisi and me wif abigail

dunno wat's lisi's doing. hahaha when she c tis pic she oso dunno wat's she doing.

the boy next to lisi is 建鵬our new student hahaha bery cute buy who stay ard my hse......

new student 順治

before the show...........

Thursday, February 05, 2009


每年的农历新年我都会跟坛里面的理事一起玩二十一点,今年当然也不例外啦. 但是........我竟然连续两年二十一点没钱拿!!!!!为什么呢?? 因为那个庄家也是二十一点啦!!!害我都没钱拿呐。气死我了!!!最扯的事。。。。。两年都败在同一个庄家!! 改天一定要拍他的照片放上来!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pasir Ris Elias CC 31/01/09

Jia mei mama came my hse ard 1+ to fetch me to ax den we proceed to the cc n reach tere ard 3.event start @ 7.30pm but our segment only beings @ 10pm ;(

we are acting lz tat 1st song so all of us including me will b sheng. therefore the day b4 i told zj tat i will change to xiao dan 向觀眾拜年 if i haf the time to change n she agrees so i took along my dan's wig n costume along lor.

true enuff i still got some time to change guess wat??? i use 5 mins to change my head grear n dress in front of all the audience!!! hahaha people ard me 傻眼.

the audienc are impress abt our short perf expecialy the new yr songs tat we compose in shang lian hui tune. a few of them feedback tat they like tat part . actually i got a few on stage de pic to show but yuhua who took my camera dun noe hw to use in the end my pics all turn out bery blur except the ones i took backstage.


last thurs dept event we went to sembawang country club for buffet cum lo hei. dun blam me if the pic is nt in seq cos tis stupid blogspot is nt user frenly @ all makes my wana delete it n juz maintain my tw de will do......