Friday, September 28, 2007

中秋节 八月十五 (仙姑殿的演出)

mon was acting the same show but i no time to take for tues oso no time to take!!!!to tink i got bring my camera for both event!!! wasted ley BUT a special tks to 佩娟from 仙姑殿for sending the pics for me to blog. Pei Juan tks.

tis is the special segment for 仙姑殿 from 爱心to wish everyone tere 中秋节快乐

courtesy fr peijuan of cos but quite blur la so juz listen to our singing lor ;p

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

中秋节 八月十五

Tues 25 Sep 2007 morn our branch were having branch cohesion day at one of my colleague Carol's condo at CCK. highlight of the day is making snowskin mooncake teach by Annie Puah from another branch.

everyone were listen to Annie P(the one in purple) on hw to prepare the stuff for mooncake making.




做月饼啦干嘛每个都在act cute啊??

chong yan 你再吹口琴吗??

别误会john 哦这不是怪物是pandan口味的陷哦

哈哈哈这是我的成品榴莲冰皮月饼是也。 嘿嘿卖相不错看吧


Friday, September 21, 2007

16/9/07 part3

my favourite dress!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

16/09/2007 part 2

hahaha after all my xiao sheng ban xiang nt bad ba but hor audience still prefer my xiao dan wan ;p

to b continue wif the pics i took wif wx's cst......

Monday, September 17, 2007


十五号那天没什么睡所以很没精神。 早上七点就爬起来冲凉化妆八点半出发九点到联络所上头。 可是这次眼睛化的不好是咪咪言。那天好感动哦惜,育忠跟凤珠都有来。 虽然没看到我的演出但他们的心意有到我好高兴。惜有带戏服借我拍照哦而且是我的最喜欢的戏服。。好啦看照片啦

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sept Perf2

好高兴哦我的两套戏服(外套)来了!! 是惜帮我带过来的好漂亮哦,很多人看了也觉得好看连团长也这么说。连惜看了也自己做了两套呢。一套是红加白配红色跟银色的亮片,另一套是桃红加粉红配金色亮片。

之前我有提过九月十六号十点会在巴西立联络所演出。 小妹我将会演两出折子戏梁祝第一场草桥结拜(是的又是演英台我的山伯换丽诗)和孙淑琳第一场(演孙淑琳,新的学生演我老公张文达)。 好采团长说演孙淑琳先不然我真的不知道有没有时间换装。

刚接到通知,九月二十四号跟二十五号有演出。二十四号会在牛车水的人民剧场演嫦娥与后翼 (我跟团长和另一个小妹妹)。二十五号刚好是中秋节在仙姑殿, 那里的歌台邀请我们演一样的戏码但我们会加一段何仙姑的舞下去。你们有空的话要去捧场哦。

Sunday, September 09, 2007

7 Yue Ge Tai

hahaha can u belive it??? i sung opera in 7yue ge tai yesterday??? me cant belive i really did it!! wearing only jeans n ti shirt singing lz. when zj ask me in the afternoon i tot she only tok tok nia so din take it to heart. nite we followed her go sing ge tai at kim dian road the si yi of the ge tai is lin li, den she ask me dare or nt. i said dun wan la i wear like tat hw to go up? she said nvm wan she oso wear pants bery causal so i qi hu nan xia lor sing wif her wif no xin li zhun bei. b4 we even started lin li ask me to teach him hw to walk the xiao dan's way so teach him lor he said bery difficult dun wan to learn liao wana go dn to change clothes.

den me n zj sing the cao qiao jie bai part. whoa lin li is fast man he change into a fire red dress wif high heels!! bery funny lor n make my way dn wherby they continue to sing another duet on lz the luo tai hui part (it's the lin li n lin ru ping version duno u'll got hear b4 or nt. ) of cos cant xpect him to sing sadly rite the last part is quite gao siao lor.

altough it's a last min ting but still it's bery fun xperience ;p

Thursday, September 06, 2007


gosh stupid me cant slp in aircon rm still repeat the same mistake n suffer n suffer again. haf finish one box of tissue already...dunno hw long does it get to finish the next box. actually tat's bcos i haf a scensitive nose lor. if got flu den siao liao will b like tat for whole day in aircon rm. as long as i'm out of aircon rm den i b fine liao.

my doc noes abt my mao bing she had mentioned tat i can go for an operation on the nose but she cant garantee the prob will b soft so she wans me to use the nasal spray but i hate the smell n the feeling of it ley. nw i have to relie on the medicine tat the doc gave me but it seems tat only clarinase can help me ley.