Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Newspaper Clippings from Melbourne

havent got any chances to blog abt the newspaper clippings fr melb due to the stupid blogspot always die on me. so here it is altough is bery late since the event is last oct. but got better den nothing rite ;p


Last wed grandma called me ard 10am asking me to help her go to her wrkplc after wrk to tell her boss she too sick cant go. i told her i couldnt make it cos i got AX after wrk n i ask her got c doc or nt she said no cos cant walk n my cousin is on her way to wrk liao. so i try calling all my 4aunts c who is free to bring ah ma go c doc. in the end got damn pissed n get urgent leave to go bring her c doc bcos of all the stupid replies fr them.

called 4th aunt in the end no one ans the call so i proceed to call the 5th one.

called 5th aunt she told me she gng wrk liao couldnt make so ask if her daughter can make it or nt. the daughter said her cl starts at 12. so i ask if she can go or nt she said fr her plc to ah ma hse is ard 1hr later late for sch. i was like pls lor ah ma sick cant take cab go tere n bring her c doc meh?? common sense rite??? den she ask me called my big one said she 11pm den go wrk should b able to abo can oso call the 3rd one go cos the 3rd one is helping the big one.

called the big one at last ans i got is da yi zhang oso sick couldnt make it n 3rd aunt is helping in her stall in lau pa sat so cant make it ask me take leave!!!!

i was damn pisssed off lor ah ma is everyones' y muz i b the only one who do the chores? n i'm the one who already in my own office lor they havent even start wrk yet!!! in the end ll lor i still take e leave lor wat to do??? my stupid boss still ask me nobody able to bring her c meh when i ask him to signed my leave form. i juz snapped at him jokingly telling him if got ppl bring i dun nd to take leave -_-lll

Monday, April 09, 2007

SHJ - funny clip. (a diff LZ)

juz found these clips in yahoo. i find bery funny u'll sure din watch b4. a bery bery diff LZ. hahaha was luffing all the way tru the 3 clips.
click n take a look



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Perf @ Pasir Ris Elisa CC on 24 Mar 2007

reaches the CC at ard 3+pm make up, after make up do the normal routine of hair den costume the only diff ting is tis time rd i 'wash' hand din help the new comers wif their make up n hair cos i simple too busy to help them lor. as mentioned in my previous post i was appointed to b the Eng Mc of the day so when i rec the progm list fr the organiser den i wrk on the wat i'm gng said n to wrk hand in hand wif them n zj. to my relive the minister was nt tere due to his last min schedule but a lot of PBM were tere. the show was successful n they r impressed by the progm we put up.
the progm of the show started wif the cantoneses opera, Teochew Opera den follow by the huang mei diao xi feng after tat is our gzx n ax's children perf.
the zhe zi xi we put up is our new show Chou gu chuan qi, me acting as a cute, navie yu jia nv named ah mei who marry into rich family but my hubby chun keng. it's the 1st time tat i rec such role cos u'll noe lar normaly the role tat i acted is those mature role nt a time tat i rec tis kind of erm tian zhen wan lor so i haf sum difficulties to project that role but still after a few struggle i manage to get it n fb fr audience bery gd. tat scene tat we play on 24 mar is on hw i was bully by my hubby's xiao lao po n hw i was disapointed abt the way the my hubby treat me. i was caned on stage tat day to make tings look real i ask the new gal to can me hard ;p
sum pics to share. (as usual it's on stage de) xj tat cst tat i wore is the new cst i made.