Tuesday, June 19, 2007


以下是杨丽花公演的讯息。經典二十歡慶系列—楊麗花歌仔戲《丹心救主》,原訂於9/1日起售票,因觀眾反映熱烈,頻頻詢問,將提前 ● 於 8 / 1 日正式啟售,兩廳院之友預購則為 7 / 25 - 31 日。你有兴趣看的话可以到以下的网站买票。你们有谁要去看吗??也许我们会碰面哦。


Saturday, June 16, 2007


我回来了!!!好高兴哦这次去台北真的圆了我多年的愿望因为我看到偶像了!!!在台北的第一个晚上我就把头套拿去一美洗顺便看一看我新的头套长得怎样,就跑到士林吃好料。吃完后当然是瞎拼咯在那边就买了130 粉底和笔还有一些土产。回到饭店后就跟一个朋友碰面拿了顺便聊歌仔戏.

第二天我们就到了淡水,龙山寺和西门丁逛了一整天也买了很多东西。 第三天本想去基隆玩但是亚惜说她要到台北做戏叫我们别去基隆去看看他们的戏就特地叫了计程车送我们到目的地去。

第四天最高兴了因为我们到偶像的餐厅吃饭合照就飞回新加坡了。虽然短短的两个小时多我还满足了。这几天都还高兴好好玩又减压, 吃了很多我喜欢吃的东西结果也胖了。都很迟睡因为。。。。。。。。我们看电视啦


Saturday, June 09, 2007

YeAh!!!!! HoLiDaY!!!1!

tis few days kp seeing mx n mk's blog abt TW nw..........................YEAH it's my turn le!!!!!!the 1st ting i wana do is to eat my fav fresh Manago milk ice !!! o i miss the lu rou fan but tis time i haf to gif it a miss liao. den go to haf my wig to be washed n comb den on the thrid day take bk together wif my new wig. hehehe me too lazy le up til nw me haf yet to pack my barang barang yet;p mayb pack it on mon morn ba since my flight is 1pm n haf to rea airport at 11am.....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Updtes on Live Band Show on 1/06/2007 and 02/06/2007

Hahahaa juz as i xpected, i nt bery comfortable wif the music but sumhw make it tru. new xperience for me since tis is nt the normal gzx so we decided to take it easy gao xiao oso nvm. 1st nite (fri) we only do the see ding shan part, zj suddenly make a joke when i said me(flh) wana marry her(sds), but he doesnt wana marry me so he make the xcuse saying

sds >> "me already haf 8wives liao + u is 9. u still wana marry me ar?

being stunt me reply >> "erm......which show r u playing huh?? tis is SDS nt TBH ley.....

the audience luff their heart off.

2nd nite last min add in Lz scenc1 k lor nvm lor since i already remanber the script by heart. our dear sb tot i'm dan yt when we make the jing shui, she hold me like holding xiao dan i was like duhz!!! after tat i ask her is it she forget or wat she mentioned yes she forgot tat me is suppose to b sheng tat bery moment. hahaha we have a great time "da qin ma qiao" i was telling ah hoon tat 'scolding' zj in the show bery guo yin. too bad i din get to wear any costume tat day abo i can wear the new tou shi haiz ........