Friday, November 23, 2007


they coming over to act from 31 dec to 7jan08!!!! out of the 8days tink i will report 7days kkekekeke cos almost the show i wana watch xpecialy xing xing dan cos i live tat show alot. if 陈丽巧got come i will b bery happy cos i always like her. hahaha help me pray k. juz received a call fr yu hua she mentioned tat the ticks is running out liao so for those who wana buy better b fast hor.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I noe that when i post this alot of ppl will get offended. Well even the tings i'm gng to post here offend anyone who read my blog i oso find there's a nd to post.

All along there's alot flamings or rather rumours abt AIXIN, ME and my TROUPE LEADER which is UN TRUE and hurting. And cases abt ppl using AIXIN's name to get shows behind our back. Who ever it is, we keep quiet doesn't mean tat we dunno anything.

This time round the rumour is even ridiculous, tis is SLANDER!! I dun want to elaborate on wat's it abt BUT, we r gng to take action on it. Who ever it is, b responsible of wat u said and we really hope tat tis will come to an end.