Thursday, July 31, 2008

i'm on Navy News!!!

I'm on the Navy News!!!! The editor of the Navy News have decided to interview me on my participation in Hokkien Opera, they get to noe it tru one of my superior . it was publish last mth but it took me juz today to update in my blog cos u noe la i busy wif wx coming over n my participation in street opera perf @ gcb.

tis is hw the front page look like

i was on pg 18.
the article goes like this:

The Singapore Arts Festival was held over the month of Jun and many artists from more than twenty countries were invited to perform in Singapore. While many of us may choose to hop onto the bandwagon of contemporary arts, Jenny Chan, Admin supervisor of Naval Personnel Department has chosen to take a step back in time with the traditional art of hokkien opera. 'I never thought that I will join the opera......although i enjoyed watching it with my mum when i was young and i continued to do so,' said jenny, who joined the Navy in 1999, Jenny was able to live out her passion for Hokkien Opera when a member of the troupe 爱心歌仔戏(Lovely Opera) in 2004.

During her time with the troupe, Jenny has participated in numerous performance both locally and overseas. 'in october 2006, our troupe was invited to Melbourne to participate in their International Chinese Culture Festival. We performed the Oriental Romeo and Juilet (梁山伯与祝英台)with my troupe leader as Liang Shan Bo and me as Zhu Ying Tai,' she shares.

Amongst the roles sh played, Jenny considers the role of Zhu Ying Tai closest to her heart. 'playing the role of zhu ying tai require me to change many costumes within a show timing and cry for half of the show.

there also part which requires the performers to display strong physical strength in action stunts. Some of these roles include shui xian in Wang Yuan Tang, a widow who seek revenge for her family. ' tis role requires me to fight and do all the kicks and splits on stage.'

Jenny attend rehersals twice a week on friday and Sundays. During the pre-production period, rehersals are held with an intensity if three to four times a week. In striking a balance between work and opera, Jenny feels there is similarity between the two.' in some, Navy or rather SAF and opera is the same, we bring out the core values of discipline, team work and loyalty. The only differences is that traditional hokkien opera also brings out the core values of filial piety. '

concluding this interview, Jenny extends her warm welcome to the Navy Family to catch her performances in the coming days. for more information, you visit her blog @ or email her @

Monday, July 28, 2008


从来就没想过会站在一个我不熟悉的舞台演出也就是新加坡的韭菜芭城隍庙。 我不会演活戏(外台戏)只会演有剧本的剧目,没剧本我就不会演。这次是因为团长生病我代打。 因为没接触过外台戏的演过所以就战战惊惊也紧张到一整天没吃,也不知道会发生什么事。还好亚美姨及四季春的演员给与的教导与帮助让我比较自在。还有铭豪的帮助不然我真的不知道怎么混过去。 希望有机会再合作。

a great experience indeed. of cos my perf nt as gd as the perf wif script. but audience r bery supportive altough i only haf a few scene.

the pics r taken by the fans but i use my cam to re take n put it here. so sum r rather blur but overall still nt so bad. those aunty r really great photographer n bery efficent, these pics were taken on sat den sun they already develop ard 25 pics to me of which most of them were taken wif ming hao. we were ask by the audience to take pic together.

tis costume belongs to 亚美姨, suppose to b xiao sheng de but she let me wear cos me acting as princese ming hao's sis.

Monday, July 21, 2008

11/07/08 - 20/07/08 @ gcb

OMG.......for the past 10days i've nt bn slping earlier den 3am!!!!! always rea hm ard 2+ den next day go wrk. last fri wx came n stay my hse after which on sat den we take all the lugg(her costume n tou shi r wif me) fr my hse go gcb. hong zhu yi is oso here but she acted fr 12 jul til 18 jul after which she went over to msia. wx act til 20 jul den proceed to msia oso.

previously i mentioned tat yz will b coming but in the end xyf got show so he couldnt make it. anyway he will b coming wif wx n wen jun jie on lunar 1st of aug(30 aug 08 for 14days, n hong zhu yi will b acting wif ming hao's mum lay chun fr lunar 17 onwards til the end of the mth. but i heard hong zhu yi said she will oso b acting for the 1st 5days la. hahaha wx mentioned tat she wana bring ru ru(wx's daughter) along!!!! yeah ruru is bery cute. if she got come den i take her pic n post it here.

o lunar sep wx, yz, wj jie n mama(wx's mum) will be going to act wif 新燕玲跟四季春 @ lorong ah soo's temple hmmm i dun haf the exact add wait for aug then i check liao den post here.

enuff of publicity liao c the pics i took fr gcb la.

tink i like wx in tis cst tat's y i post it again n again

wx n her act cute face

hong zhu yi

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dept Promotion Treat,GSS n Singapore Flyer (2)

me n annie wong

annie phoon n annie wong

pikachu!!n me
wai san (my x boss) n me

inside the capsule.

my colleagues all busy taking pics. we haf at 20ppl inone capsule

annie poon n me

celine n me

other group colleagues in another capsule

Dept Promotion Treat,GSS n Singapore Flyer (1)

last thurs we were @ Marina sq tat paris international buffet celebrating our colleagues promotion. hahaha they are the one who treat us n tis is our practice.

paris international buffet . tis is chocolate fondue but it seems to kp stopping the flow of chocolate dunno wat's wrong wif it oso.

the buffet spread. these r the tempura n fried stuff.

the dessert couter

our department ard 2oo ppl tat day i tink cant remanber.

after ta big maken we proceed to play the game 'GSS' organise by our sport comittee. intially every tot GSS is Great Singapore Sales can do sum shopping but no lor we juz finding the tings/equipment related to sports in marina sq. after the game we got sum free time to do our own shopping b4 we proceed to the singapore flyer @ abt 6.30.

here's my team discussing where to start.

the other team.

we reach the flyer abt 6.30 i tink . it seems tat nw flyer is the popular ting so my welfare comittee is kind enuff to organise it for us @ a subsidise price. really appreciate. tks guys

all of us waiting for the welfare committee to gif us the tic.

the commmittee n big boss having the prize giving 'ceremony' for the winners of GSS. (the wan in black is my dept hd)

my tic!!

the scenery

tis is the plc where NDP 08 is held

the sunset?