Friday, October 31, 2008

KTV 30102008

went ktv wif Ax ppl the other for zj's god bdae celebration. the kids haf real fun tere singing n dancing in the hall. we took quite a no of pics tat day. hahaha quite fun i would say cos it turn out to b like a mini concert for the kids .

me n ah peng aka sandy

me n bb aka sammi
me n shi ping aka sandra

the candid pics of the kids

they were having a gd time entertaining the audience....

ah poh~~~~n mei zhen


hahaha she's bery cute, we went to flyer the other day, juz her n me. she was so excited abt it tat she took alot of pic n blog abt it in her blog. tis r the pics i 'stole' (of cos wif permission la)....

tat day she bought an orang mutan n immediately took a pic wif it.

but b4 tat we went to paris for buffet guess wat? we ate from 1+ - 3+ li hai ba??

tis was taken @ clark quay.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Nite Tour @ Clark Quay

Last tues bought the luo family to clark Quay. Cos they wana take the river taxi so we spent ard 15 per hd to get into tat 20mins ride -_-lll nvr take b4 so i take wif them lor. over all nt bad took alot of pics (hahaha tat wj la she took alot me only took afew.) they juz went bk on fri, waiting for them to upload the pic in their blog then i took n put it here ;p

fullerton nite view

the luo family with the merlion
er jie wj n mama
on the rite is mama, nana, yz, er jie n wx.

realise y i called them mama n er jie? cos i dunno hw come i bcome one of them n they insist i call their mum mama n wj as er jie. nana is cousin of them she's the organ player of their troupe tis time rd juz play for the sake of the luo family. she's nice hahaha

Sunday, October 19, 2008

罗妈妈, 二姐, 丫惜, 育忠跟娜娜 @ Defu Lane

as mentioned Wx they are here so as usual me will report lor. tis time rd luo mama got come. instead of ah yi, i oso nd to call her mama. y?? bcos of wx lor for no reason call me luo bixia. in the end er jie (wj) oso ask me to call luo ma ma ma ma. hahaha nw i haf tw ma ma, sis, bro, nephew n nieces liao ;p

罗妈妈 she's bery gd i would said. her ban xiang oso bery nice. i manage to snap a few pics of her in xiao dan look.

Wj >> 二姐文君 she's bery gd @ san hua n lao sheng but i oso find her sheng look nice. yz n her look alike hmmmm actually all three of them look alike la

hahaha tis wan dun nd to intro hor?? always appear in my blog. i kind of like tis cst, find it elegant n nice but hor bery heavy.

tis wan oso dun nd to intro la nw i call him zi lian kuang

hahaha bth of them are really gd everyting oso noe. two of them taking over the drum when wj acting as bao gong.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

04102008 show @ Fu Qing Hui GUan

woke up @ + go fetch xy in cab rea the plc 9.30.....damn hungry but lucking Zi Qing jie n sum mummy got buy fd for us. but me din eat mayb already a hibbit to me tat b4 show i dun eat. show started @ 11+ but my part is 12+. so endure til after the show den haf my 1st meal JACK PLC!! @ Anchor Pt wif xy...

we r one 'family' in 一门三进士

the kids waiting for their turn

yc eatingn toking @ the same time wif sandy mama i tink


me n yc

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SUAY AR~~~~~

SIANZ lor my laptop DIE on me!!!! siao liao inside got a lot of pic i havent develop lor Ah~~~~ should haf bn hardwrking a bit n save it in disc lor infact tis is wat i did every nw n den but..........*sob*sob* juz abt to do it n it die on me!!!! nw haf to rely on bth of my blog to retrive sum of the pics....

nw haf nt intention to get a new laptop yet cos i still haf a desktop but cant install it was mine n i shifted over to my bro's rm after i got my laptop nw was tinking wherthe wana put it bk to my rm or nt......