Friday, January 18, 2008

18012008 VERDICT DAY (PART 2)

As mentioned below today will noe the results ofwherthe me will remain in my current appointment or nt...the answer is NO!!! hahaha quite a surprise to me i would said but am still happy la. tink u all will said i mad rite?? boss dun wan me i still so happy for wat...

cos my dept undergo a restructure my side fr 7 position cut to 4 so the other al 'fighting'. today the results gif me a shock. all of us CHANGE  JOBSCOPE!!!i will change to a new appointment working at cmpb. 

my boss juz spoken to me bery big thank u tohim for sourcing a new appoinment based on my xperience. and oso spoken my new boss , she wans me to report ASAP but impossible to la cos my staff officer is pregnant n will b gng maternity soon. so the main solution nw is i have wrk two plc after new yr til my staff officer report bk to wrk after her maternity leave. 

in the mean time my current boss told my new boss saying tat since i'm holding two job scope n it will b fair tat when it comes to perf bonus i should haf fair share of bth side. i was like HURRAY more perf bonus meaning MORE tou shi, tw trips n new costume!!! but it will b next yr la cos tis yr mar de is based on last yr de assesment. 

after all i still happy wif tis arrangement cos initially i was thinking posting out to a brand new working enviornment totally different fr wat i'm doing nw but my boss tok me out of it. he said tat 做生不如做熟 he wans me to remain in my current department but wrk in a different branch so i change my mind to remain in same dept but diff branch ;p at least i noe tat my bossis kind enuff to fight for my welfare ;)i'm really fortunate to haf such boss.   

Thursday, January 17, 2008

18012008 VERDICT day (part 1)

my dept is currently under restructure wherthe i will b sitting on my current job nw i'm nt sure cos they cutting manpower fr 7 to 4 which means 7 of us will b 'fighting' for 4 seat nia. but one ting i thank is tat my dept haf already 'source' the job for us n tat save the hassel for us to source for ourselves n dun nd to undergo probation. later there will b a meeting to announce our status. hopefully i can sit on my current appointment after all i more comfortable wif it liao.

wish me luck......

to b continue tonite....

Sunday, January 13, 2008


WX and YZ coming to perf again they will be here from 23 jan to 30 jan coming here for 8days. tot only WX come den i can c her perf as xiao sheng but nw.......YZ got come den no hope liao lor haiz nvm la ask yz to perf dan since he got act dan in tw recently den WX act sheng....hahahaha.

tis time rd WX got bring my new tou shi over hope tat she din dissapoint me n she nvr does, hehehe bery anxious to c but too bad their first day i might nt bable to go c cos it's a wed n i've AX......

forgot to add tis if nt Yz gona kill me ;p

for those who r free make yr way dn hor u can take bus 261 fr amk mrt tere den alight at the bus stop opp mc den walk in u will c the temple tere liao. it's @ amk ave 10....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bdae eve 070180 (part2)

哈哈哈我的团员真的很可爱竟然在城隍庙为我庆祝生日!!还很天兵的跟二姐和胜在哥说是我的生日害我很不好意思。 让我如愿以常跟二姐,胜在哥和雅升姐一起拍照!!!哈哈哈哈好高兴哦本来拍完照要走了但妈妈的朋友认识二姐说要介绍我认识所以。。。。我就跟了咯。哈哈哈 想不到他还真友善记忆超好我妈才跟他说我手机的铃声是他鬼菩萨那首“醉茫茫”,他竟然一直这样叫我还唱给我听!!过后我们就一起去喝咖啡知道哪里吗?? 在kallang的麦当劳!!! 是的我一行十五个人就这样在麦当劳喝咖啡咯。哈哈哈我很幸运坐在他对面听他讲明华园的故事。虽然没真正的聊到什么(因为人太多了啦)但还是聊到凌晨二点多 我回到家已经三点多了弄到来四点多才睡。三个字“好悃哦” 。。。。今天生日也没去哪里就在家里跟周公约会咯。 好了看照片吧我也有几段片断让你欣赏哦。

XJ dun said i forgot abt u hor tis da jie's pic for u since u din get to c......cute hor hahaha gd angle oso she pose for me to take de

er jie said happy bdae for me when she do tis pose. yh n i tinks tat the emperor costume look's a bit similar den YLH de.

my mum in between the two xiao sheng......

hahaha sheng zai n me. he's bery frenly practically 'catch hold' of me when my troupe mates told him it's my bdae....

oooo hw i wish i was in my costume.....den we can haf couple pic hahahah imposible la anyway does tis posture look familiar?? ya for those who haf read my blog should noe tat tis is the same posture of hw me n wx in another pic. tink me n yh oso got a few pics wif the same posture. hahaha mayb if free i go find all the old pics wif tis pose den upload here

me n ys. she's share the same role as da jie tat day so after her shang ban chang she change to her own clothes le i tink she should change bk to xiao dan costume lor since it's the last day le

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bdae Eve 070180

Woah......Ivan is the 1st wan who wishes me happy bdae last mth in my friendster testimonial, BL the 2nd wan when she c me in GCB, den followed by suraiti in sms n PJ in facebook.

Spec sent me a happy bade msg tis morn asking hw i'm gng to celebrate, i told him tat nt gng to celebrate cos tis 2wks busy in watching KSH n MHY's opera but i do buy myself a new costume n 1set of tou shi. after i reply his msg ,my colleagues ask me to go conferenece rm i tot got wat big bomb to solve or wat. the end they gave a surprise bade celebration for me !!! a bery heartwarming wan i would said a bery big thank you to them. they noe tat i would be on bade off tml so they celebrate it for me today.

hahaha tonite bade eve will b gng to watch MHY!!! dunno will my idol b handsome or nt ley if yes den i sure take pic wif her. hahaha xj said i so crazy abt clq. tw frens oso mentioned tat i crazy ppl c czx i c clq well i juz told them me guai tai lor dunno y i juz like clq. =p

yr 2005 i was in bangkok during my bade
yr 2006 i was in tw
yr 2007 in sg
yr 2008 will oso b in sg nt gng anywhere during my bade off will b juz staying at hm mting wif zhou gong ba i guess ;p mayb oso trying to sort out those opera poster tat i haf den pin it up to gif my rm a new look for the new yr ba.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

GCB part I (Ming Hua Yuan)

1ST Post of the Year 2008!!! wish everyone a Happy New Year

YEAH!!! at last i saw my fav CLQ!!! but too bad la i din take any pic wif her juz took sum pics of the show on the 1st day but am too lazy to upload so for those who wana c haf to wait lor. i will sure put it up cos i promise yz n yt (of cos they will haf to c it in my tw blog).

for the 2days (1st day Liu Quan Jin Gua and 2nd day Zhou gong) i were tere it's full hse!!whoa their stage is bery nice compare to the other tw troupes tat had perf in GCB. i find CZX and SSW's singing is bery gd. hahaha agree wif amai, i oso find ZX's roaring all the way. hahaha i kp telling YH hw nice the dan's tou shi are!!!overall i like their show but a bit mei zhong bu zhu is tat heng shao ge!!!

Liu Quan i watch the vcds b4 tink sum parts of it is cut. Zhou gong is abit boring due to all the tokings. tonite gona gif it a missed cos got ax. but nvm y?? bcos is nt CLQ's zhu xi hehehehe, i kp telling the 'whole world" tat i'm looking fwd for xing xing dan (my fav show) and gui pi sa juz to c CLQ!!!

for those who haf yet to watch, quick go but the tickets n watch!!!! now left 5more days to go liao!! out of the 8days i will report 5days minus off the days tat i haf ax. me still tinking wherthe wana to watch sat's hong cheng pu ti or nt cos watch b4 liao nt bery keen on it.

to b continue............