Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chinese Culture Fesival 2008 @ Pasir Ris Elias CC 29/03/2008

hahaha darren beat me fast in updating the show in his blog but he din put any pic hahah me beat him first in putting the pics here. pandon me wif the font hor cos i really dunno y i type half way the font juz change like tat. pai seh 

29 Mar we r having performance of a few zhe zi xi which are <<孟丽君,一门三进士, 望圆汤, 丑姑?>>. me acting as 孟丽君 scene 4 wif Li Shi as 皇莆少华. u all noe la me always act dan n of cos all my hair piece is dan de where got sheng de?? in the end i modified my wig wif a phony tail so at least it looks like sheng lor overall the look still ok but still quite gal la. hahaha all of them were acting poor or rather 逃亡角色so they r unable to wear alot of nice costume n tou shi like me so most of them were commenting 演有钱人真好什么都能弄没钱的角色什么都不能用. 以后一定要演有钱人!! Pls lor me is 逃婚不是逃亡!!! so me xcuse lor hahahaha.,

tat day me wearing my new costume and new tou shi. hw?? nt bad hor, my wig i spent a few days to tink de,

me wif wn n her new wig!!!she acting one of the kind guy in wang yuan tang wif leader,si qian n yu hua. 

hahaha me n li si my 皇莆少华she's one of the last to put on her costume where all of us were busy taking pic 
daren n li si....notice sumting??? all of us r using our own 头套!!!!

iyo tis wn kp gng ard to kiss ppl dunno wat's worng wif her oso almost every one kena 

me the duuno hw many victim.
xin yi another victim

yu hua acting as wn's father another victim of her's ;p

act cute 二人组我跟丫宝a bery big thank u to her for coming to support us despite of her tireness. 

iyao ne acted as sheng le still got ppl pose like taking pic wif dan!! 

these two kids jia li n wei wei r sibliings the bro is 3yrs old they perf bery well in the show, kudos 
darren on the stage he acting as boon cheong of huang yuan tang, altough is his first show but i tink for a new comer, i would said he's gd. kp it up

li si

supper time!!! after the show we juz proceed to the coffee shop for our 'dinner' wif the kids.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


那天我跟团长带航航去搭地铁从谈宾尼到四美再从四美坐回谈宾尼.(是为了航航才坐的)u noe la kids so on the way out leader ask him say bye bye to mrt.but in the eng hang hang din say anyting but on the way to the interchange he said.

航航〉〉mrt又不是人为什么要跟它说bye bye??

i was like dumb folded lor dunno hw to ans -_-lllit'sthe first time i duno hw to shoot bk little kid lor n he's3YRS OLD!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Branch Retreat 06/03/08

Last day thurs 6 mar 08, we were having our branch retreat mind cafe @ Boat Quay. we have a great fun tere xpecialy all of us shouting tru the games we played ;p lucky we reserved the plc if nt everyone will b looking @ us. tat day i din bring my camera cos i leave it @ AX so the pics below r fr the courtesy of my colleagues Yoke Mun. hahahaha i tok her into copy the pics for me juz for my blog!!! tks Yoke Mun.

the 2 organisers of the event. the wan wif spec is casper and chi lin on the right.
tis is the game master of our event tink his name is rick fr Mind Cafe. he's great in introduce games to us.

my colleagues fr left to rite >> Yoke Mun, me, Annie and Irene. all 4 of us will b posted to same dept but different branch after restructure.

the 3 of us with Juay Eng(the wan bside me) she will b staying in my current branch while the rest of us post out. btw we r fr the same section n it's the first time we took pic together.

ATTACK!!!! our boys attacking the food !!!YUM YUM!

Tops of our branch.

tis is Yen Li playing 比手划脚

susan posing for the pic
Juay Eng's turn 
Hai Keong

Jian Xin

Alex my boy 
chi lin

paul our br hd 
group pic inside mind cafe

forfite time!!altough my group kena but we still having a great time. 

finale pic after event.....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Growth Bonus

Last yr Nov when we got the MAC (in case u all forget it stands for Market Adjustment Component) management or rather my organisation said tat we will received a growth bonus varies fr .5 to 2mths (based on perf) in mar 08. so naturally i look fwd for it lor n last fri when we r having cohesion day @ marina sq watching movie my fren pearlyn msg me. the conversation is as below:

Py >> directive comes out liao apr MAC we wun b getting
Me >> u sure bo? last yr said have ley . summore i check wif susan she said as long as last yr we got rec the mac in may n nov tis mar sure haf Growth Bonus wor"
Py >> true ley kris called the top le ley they said dun haf only a certain group ppl haf nia
Me >> nvm la i go check wif JE when i go bk to office on mon

after all the query, den i realise tat we r toking abt diff tings. all along i tot the MAC tat py refering = GB so i agrue lor but then realise they juz annouced tat apr will have another MAC pay out in APR 08!! but still i dun blive tat the group of us din get any so i email to JE asking her y we r being 'left out' tis time round. the xplanation i got is bcos they r revising our perf bonus n tis time rd the group of us will get an increase in the our pb n growth bonus will b paid together wif pb which is end of mar 08!! k lor since the MAC is one time payment so we r nt so particular abt it we r more particular in the PB!!! cos it's very yr de ma.

so tis end of mar i'm xpecting pb+bonus den apr pay increment + the gst offset by the govt. WOAH my trip will b 'FOC' after all. like wat esther said " anyway it's consider xtra given to us got den gd lor dun haf oso like tat nthing to lose' but i find tat i wrk so hard for the whole yr n the tings tat i look fwd to is the PB lor.