Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sep Perf

will be having 2 perf in sep. one is on the 16 sep 10am at pasir ris elise cc yes u r rite is 10AM in the morning!!! my god, me staying in bt batok which means i've to rea tere ard 8am to get ready!!!!so wei le wo de shui mian n dates wif zhou gong, i've decided to make up at hm den took cab tere.

29 sep oso got another show but dunno wat show yet most likely i'll play as changer b since it is the mooncake festival celebrations. havent ask the timming yet hopefully it will b in the afternoon or at nite hahaha n hopefully i can wear my new cst.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Friday, August 17, 2007


juz browsing tru the guo chun mei's website saw tis two poster find it bery nice tot of sharing wif u guys.dunno where got sell tis two show ley looks interesting tinking of watching it. haha tink if may saw tis she will most likly jump ba.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Xian Gu Dian part3

my fav costume but hor bery x so nt consider making cos seldom act cute role ;p

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Xian Gu Dian part2

xj, tis is the pic of the butterfly i told u. wx bought afew butterfly tat sat at arab st the ting in between the butterfly are actually the xmas decor. bside are her red hp.

this flower de is another way of using the small wan. the flower she put it on the side, she act as a tao hua jin. oya her chop stick oso bery nice but hor dare to ask her do yet cos she too busy liao will only be bk tw ard end of tis mth then she will come bk to sg to act for 14days.

to b continue........

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Xian Gu Dian (part1)

Again i have yet to see my parents for the past 1wk except yesterday. y ley?? bcos of the below frens lor tat amai blogs abt it in her blog. they r sister and brother, sister is ah sio and bro is yu zhong they were performing at xian gu tian for 10days n me oso report there 10days. actually i din watch much of the show lar cos i was helping them wif their costume.

attached below r sum pics for sharing. xj, will send u the pic of the nice tou shi n the costume when i receives the rest of the pic fr yz.

theses two are two of my fav costume tat they wore. the 1st wan cost ard nt 13k

tis wan me nt sure but tink is ard sg 500 ba i din ask abt it . but tis set got xiao dan wan oso nt bad. if the price ok mayb i'll consider making 1 ;p

to b continue.............