Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day of wrk

today is last day of my wrk. another group of colleagues giving me a farewell 'party' in the office. bery touch hahaha almost cry out cos 好舍不得 but nvm la cos still same dept ma still can mt up during dept function.

was packing the stuffs tat i bought a total of one box n one bag full of tings.

hahaha saw opera related stuff ma? all the photos u see here r those tat i pin up on my office paritia. will sure choose sum to pin up new office wahahaha. those keychains were given to me fr my colleagues when they go overseas.

hahaha see the soft toys? the koala bear was fr melbourne when i was tere perf lz. the bear hp sofa was a bdae gift fr simon , the paper flower n green letter was given to me by zhe ming i tink. the xiao ding dang was fr tw hahaha i bought it last yr i tink. tis r the tings me gng to bring it to new office.....

Thursday, May 22, 2008


不知不觉已经在现在的工作岗位工作了九年,因为公司从组所以每个同事将转换跑道到不同的部门去。明天将是我在这个部门的最后一天而星期一要转换跑道到另一 个工作岗位去了。今天公司的同事就请我吃了一顿让我觉得好温馨同时也有一点伤感觉得好舍不得哦。

虽然我得到了上司的赏识和肯定但毕竟在旧的工作岗位很久了 多多少少还是会舍不得,虽然跟同事们还在同一个部门但不同的工作岗位感觉就是不一样哈哈哈因为不能一起哈拉不能一起聚餐。新的同事都很好相处所以大致上还 不错只是我还需要一些时间适应。


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make over pic for 薛丁山与樊梨花

hahaha yesterday
nothing to do so dsign the image for my 31st may show 薛丁山与樊梨花@ bradell hts cc for their parents day celebration start @ 7.30pm,.
hahaha bought this cst ard nt 6.2k n i like it the first instant i try it on.

bought tis cst last yr havent wear yet so juz try it on to take pic if any one intersted in it let me noe tinking of selling it off.

Taiwan Trip part 2

day 5
i decided to rest after a long day in tai nan so i ask wn to continue her trip wif hm den i rest a while den mt up wif Qm for lunch we had steamboat again. @ nite of cos packing time la look @ the mess

tis is my lugg the other wan is wn de of cos

Day 6
go hm time was @ airport packing n unpacking the stuff cos over wt in the end no choice i choose those wanted tings (opera use of cos take la) in the end i still kena fine for the exceed 3kg ard dunno hw much sg liao but exceed 1 kg is nt 375. those maken stuff i leave it in tw ask a fren to post it bk to me lor.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks Everyone

a bery big thanks to u all for sending sms to me when i was in tw. i'm nt affected by the earthquake and is safe n sound bk to sg, tks for the concern.

as usual din take much pic of the trip juz a few will updte later when i bk hm k? anyway here's a description of wat i did tere wif wn. hahaha wn fav phrase is 'do u still remanber me?? last yr i was here......' hahaha ironically those vendors still remanbers her when she ask.

Day 1:
reach tere ard 6+ intially tinking of gng ylh restarant after checking the hotel n 'throw' all the wig to ym n dy but in the end no time. after checking in the hotel we throw all the wig liao den proceed to bao an gong to find wx, yz and wj. after show go eat steamboat bk to hotel den me n wn go carrefour shop for gocerssary hahaha u din hear wrong i spent ard nt1k+ for tat n tink wn spent more den me.

Day 2
juz tour ard tp lor stupid yz n fren was late he mentioned tat he wana bring us go buy cheaper cosmetic (cos wj ask him to but he dunno the way!!)in the end we end up in xiang bin (the plc tat the taxi driver intro) buy. but it was CLOSED!!! tink it was close due to mother's day. i took yz bike n wn took his fren's bike, i would said they haf a hard time catching up wif us cos yz is 'rackless'!! i 'lucky' to come bk in a piece ;p after which they dropped us @ yuan shan mtr den we hd for dan shui then he return bk to kx.

while waiting for yz i notice tat 红楼剧场换名了!!

saw tis outside hong lou so take a pic of it.
saw tis in one of the mtr toilet so take a pic for u all to c find it rather interesting



we change hotel to rainbow cos the 1st few days rainbow no rm so we end up in Kilin. after tat went 三重look for 王孟姨, another round of steamboat-_-lll. Yt came to the hotel pass me the tou shi tat i order fr him den we chat ard 2+ den he leave.


Day 4
we took the 8.15am coach to Kx mine mine the journery is damn long lor reach kx ard 1+ finish lunch wif wx n her daughter ruru hahaha ruru is bery cute hope to c her again in aug if wj got come sg wif wx n yz. after lunch we proceed to ya yin buy costume. manage to buy one pink blue wen wu costume @ nt 6.2k!!! bery worth i would say, it's the 1st costume i tried n i like it the instant. wx mentioned bery suit me oso. after tat we went to a few plcs visiting those frens who make tou shi (funny lor they seems to noe we r coming so they make appt wif wx ask her bring me go as if i will buy alot) no doubt the tou shi i saw bery nice but after buying the costume i dun haf spare cash liao only manage to buy one xiao sheng guding.

tis one of the tw opera we saw @ kx. they use recording 对嘴 n tis is the lady who make the special guding for my but will only c if ard jul when wx is here

phew after all the visiting already quite late le so proceed to wx hse but we lost on our way tere cos our dear wx 迷路!!! den maken liao take the 12.30am coach bk to tp is ard 5am liao buay ta han. immediately fall a slp once i touch the bed.

to b continue.......

Friday, May 02, 2008


saw these clip on u tube so tinking of sharing wif u guys if nt wrong they call it 三仙会。


their 吕洞宾show dunno where got sell ley