Thursday, May 31, 2007

01/06/2007 Perf @ Tampines North CC

haiz last min wed got tis 'assignment' fr zj asking me 2 sing flh 3jing 3fang(li ru lin n xu xiu nian's version) gzx wif her for her show 2nite wif live band i was like HUH!!! cos i've nvr sing wif live band b4 n it's a big challenge for me. ture enuff ysterday only rehers 2times wif the band i was like drained liao cos i simply dunno where to 'go'' in it's so different fr hua yue. actually i was tinking of wearing costume n use my newly bought red guan but at last min so no time to take out the costume n it's bery troublesome, so i was asked to wear nice dress for the show was requested to wear sumting china cos zj will b wearing tan shan zhuang. k lor den i try to be as gzx as i comfortable lor. i will b wearing a red ch top wif white long dress den wear my tou tao wif simple tou shi lor. hahaha tink tis is the way i make my self nt jing zhang ba..... tis time round wun haf any pic to show u'll cos me gng straight fr office n my office cant bring camera at all so........hehehe pai seh

Sunday, May 13, 2007

12 May's Perf at Duman High 3

haha 1st time do so cute image so took quite a no of act cute pic as well.....

12 May's Perf at Duman High 2

the kids.......

12 May's Perf at Duman High

sum photos to share for yesterday's perf is abt the zhe zi xi of chou gu. the scene is abt hw i make a fool of my self when i was being introduce to my father-in-law n sister-in-lar=w. hahah tis time round all r bk stage pics n sum candid pics as well. my 1st time dress til so cute wif the hair so i took quite alot of pic tis time round n of cos alot of candid pics as well

hahaha c hw messy n chaotic is the bkstage......every one's busy wif all the costume for perf.

our av crew aka mu huo jing ying in action 1st in the list is uncle David followed by ah boon kor kor the kj, zk (after playing er hu for us den go reinforce the team), karen (tian tian jie mei's mum helping wif the player n zj the mc

tis is my sister-in-law

my father..............

tis is one of the pic i like buy too bad quite blur ley anybody can teach me hw to sharpen it mah?

tis is li shi acting as my father-in-law in chuo gu zhe zi xi.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Payday is PAYDAY!!!

quite happy abt the MAC (maker adjustment component) given by my 'company' cos they said tat we r nt civil servants so no revise of pay for us. nvm lor got 'xtra' $$ who cares rite? i can make use of $$ oso for my jun trip. so tis tml i'll haf the MAC+ my pay. normaly during pay day i'll haf to settle my hp bills, for parents lar, transport, insurance........

haha got xtra oso nt much to kp cos of father bdae, mother day la, 2 of my pri sch frens juz msg me, 1 got kid full mth (still tinking to buy tings or juz gif ang bao), another wan is getting married. ironically these 2 r sisters n the event is juz 1wk diff. bcos of all these nt only my pocket burn i oso nd to find time go dun go later kena hacked by them.

last mth n tis mth is quite hectic for me nt only bcos of the above-mentioned tings but i was oso being arrow to be ushers to big shots by my organisation bcos of tat i always go outstation almost everywk to changi damn sian lor cos no transport i haf to find my own way tere. hope tat they will compensate me wif offs since i'll be require to wrk on wkends which is my off days. + ax got zhe zi xi tis sat nd to rehers. tere's so many tings to do tml after wrk, shopping lar, go collect my airticks, go change currency, mting frens for feast lar. whoa tat goes my pay