Monday, June 30, 2008

Pasir Ris Perf Pic 29062008 (1)

me n LS!!!! handsome hor...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Perf @ Pasir Ris Elias CC 29 Jul 08

今天不懂什么日子我们的团员很多也忘了带东西,亏我还是我团的百宝袋什么都有.有求必应........但今天我竟然忘了带绣鞋跟相机!!!!!! 相机不稀奇但绣鞋!!!!天啊我真的不敢相信这么重要的东西我竟然忘了带!!!差一点就要赶回家拿还好团长有带我的尺寸的绣鞋不然我真的要哭了啦。好惭愧哦

今天中午十二点多就到现场吃午餐,排戏做准备了七点多才出场。跟xy 第一次同台大致上都不错xl, wl和其他的小朋友的演出都不错看。我的造型也获得许多的赞美等他们把照片交给我了我再上载上来。ls 的造型也很棒我一直跟他说今天他最帅!!!!因为我帮他拿头套去台湾梳而那个发型是偶选的!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


搞神秘的家伙终于不搞了。 他决定要过来跟惜一起演出,但只演四天的戏fr 14 to 18 jul ba after which he will b gng bk tw to



his latest pic:

my fav cst but still tink tink la cos too x le

hahaha realise i choose these two pic of him wearing same cst as wx but i still tink wx wear nicer ;p

Monday, June 16, 2008

YEAH!!!! 惜来了!!!!!!!

惜要来了!!! 农历六月十到十七 @ gcb城隍庙跟新燕玲一起.acting for 8days. hehehehe as usual me will be 'reporting' everyday to.....the back stage ;p tat is if i dun haf rehers la nowadays alot of last min show. tis time rd yz dunno 搞什么神秘 keep saying dunno wana come or nt then i jokingly tell him u dun come better den i can c her act sheng ahahahaha although she any role oso nice but i still prefer her sheng den dan.

sum of her latest pic to share. was taken fr yz's blog of cos ;p

if free go c k.....

Perf for Jun.

Tis mth 29 we haf perf @ pasir ris elias cc it's for their racial harmony day i will put up two 折子戏 tat day one is my famous 梁祝 (偶演梁山伯) hahahaha surprise ba?? acting wif xiao li (英台) ., the next wan is 望圆汤的水仙 the fighting scene with yichuan (he acts as 武雄) .

our next perf is 5 jul sun @ the same plc. for the time being me acting another scene of 望圆汤 wif yichuan .wherthe got another show tat day am nw still nt sure yet.

if free come n support k

Sunday, June 01, 2008


yesterday after the show i went supper wif bl n her fren simon after which i rea hm ard 12+ liao. too anxious to upload my clip so after go tudou i go bath. but din realise it took me ard 5hrs to load!!! in the end i tahan til 4am den i go mt zhou gong liao xpected all my effort wasted lor damn sianz waste my time n my 精神。

tis morn ard 8+ py msg me(still slping but manage to reply her la) ask me free to go brunch or nt so i ask her wat time she told 11.30am i said ok lor since my appt wif francis, casey n nice is @ 2pm @ tpy. den she sent me another msg asking wherthe i wana go her plc @ holland take her hubby's car go suntec or nt i said u let me slp first gif me morn call @ 10am. indeed she called but i still slping hahaha in the end i din turn up continue to slp. btt i woke up is already 1pm liao so i msg francis i couldnt make it in the end he called me n 'caught' me slpping i told pai seh really bery tired ;p

the next time i woke up already 3pm liao manage to rush to mt bl n yc @ chinatown;p

Bradell Hts CC Perf on 29 May 2008

reach the cc ard 3+ wif bl n yc wif me. hahah tks to yc n bl they are really a great help n of cos xy 辛苦你们了。tis time nt much pic of me but the kids alot wait for our photographer bl to send me the pic then i'll put it up here but i can put the clip of my portion here. hehhehee overall we got bery gd comments fr the audience . as usual our kids woah the audience they are bery cute especialy wei wei n jia li they are so cute when they sung the gan en songs as tis is the parents day celebrations.

hahaha my part wif leader bery funny.