Sunday, July 26, 2009

Performance on 16 Aug 2009 @ Chong Pang CC

At last blogspot din die on me, i can po the poster up le. but hor i no strenght to put up MHY's pic liao cos i took a lot of pics for tat few shows i watch. total i watch ard 4shows out of the 16days they were here. u all can refer to my tw blog to c no doubt their perfs are gd.

Aixin will be having 2performance on 16 Aug 2009 @ Chong Pang CC Entrance is free u guys can either go Chong Pang CC to get the tickets or u can call either me or ZJ to reserved..

We will be putting up two shows :

3pm 望圆汤

7.30pm 梁祝

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